Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Listing update and resolutions for 2016

I have just updated my list and have realised that while I did not add much during 2015, there are still some big holes in it.  For example I attended an FSC course on mosses and liverworts a few years ago and still have a box full of envelopes containing bits of dried up moss - how many are on my list - that's right a big fat zero! So that's a job for this evening.

There are no fish on my list, that can't be right!  Nor any woodlice etc.  What about notes from that beetle course I did in 2004?

I have added a few more field guides over the last year, and acquired a basic stereo microscope, so little fiddly things should be a bit easier now.  I have also found that I can take photos of what I am looking at under the microscope with my phone (is that also called digiscoping or is it something else?)

I have successfully updated my copy of MapMate, with at least one record for everything on my list and intend to make more use of it this year.

Other Resolutions for 2016 include:
Getting out more at lunchtime - I work on a lovely estate which is not too heavily managed.  Lots of nice wild corners with flowers and insects galore.
Looking more closely at what is living in the garden/woodpile/compost heap.
Buying more pots.
Taking more photos.
Being more organised about sending in my records.

So plenty to get on with then....