Monday, 4 July 2011

In Search of Dragons

Every year I promise myself that I will spend some time learning to ID more dragonflies and every year the time slips by.  However, yesterday I joined a Norfolk Wildlife Trust workshop, led by Pam Taylor from the British Dragonfly Society, which included a visit to NW Roydon Common. 

I think we ended up with a total of 12 species, including Black Darter, lots of Emporers, some Large Red Damselflies and (new for me) Emerald Damselfly.  It was a superb day, lots of sunshine, very pleasant company and an expert leader.  I'm afraid my photography skills were sorely tested, but I did manage to get a Four Spotted Chaser before it flew off.  

I also saw a Musk Beetle, one of the biggest beetles I've ever seen and a gorgeous metallic green.  The prize spot must however go to Sam, the youngest member of the group, who spotted the adder in the gorse bush! 
It was at least three feet up, maybe it was just too hot at ground level. 

A great day out and it was free!  NWT have been granted funding by the Lottery to put on a range of workshops over the next couple of years.  For more info go to

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