Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Badger or fox?

Looking back through the photos I took at the weekend has reminded me that I wanted to write about a rather unusual thing I saw.  On Saturday evening we went for a stroll after supper and in the side of a bank T spotted a sizeable hole where a wasps' nest had been dug out and destroyed.  The nest had been quite large, it's remains were quite visible and a few of the former residents were still crawling and buzzing around so I didn't get too close.

T is of the opinion that a badger was responsible.  Badgers are in the area and he saw one not far away from the spot about two years ago.  I don't know that a fox would tackle a wasps' nest, although we think  a fox visiting his garden back in May dug out a small nest of early bumblebees Bombus pratorum.  

At the top of the field near the road we found some nice footprints which I think must be badger.

Further down the field we disturbed a fox which had been resting in a secluded spot.  Talking to T's neighbour the next day she told us she had seen a family of fox cubs when she had been walking her dogs that morning.  So there are plenty in the area.

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